Tech App is an independent consultancy established to provide quality advice to private and public sector clients worldwide.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Across the highways and public transport sectors we provide a range of services across transport technology (Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS) to maintain operational efficiency and ensure value for money.

We provide a number of services including strategy development, trials and evaluations; needs analysis and assessments; ITS and system design; procurement and asset management to safeguard investment and optimise costs.

Urban Transport, Ticketing and Payments

We advise on fare collection systems (or Automated Fare Collection, AFC), a significant investment for every transport authority, which can be complicated by the pace of social and technological changes along with innovation driven by banking and financial institutions.

Transport and Infrastructure Advisory

Transport authorities face many challenges; these include the pace of technological change, developing role of the private sector, budget constraints and increasing customer demand. Our services seek to help clients meet these challenges and exploit opportunities.

Project Management and Procurement Services

Tech App offers an end to end project management support which seeks to deliver projects to quality, time and budget and procurement support which aims to minimise risks, ensure that clients’ objectives are met and that the resultant contracts are effective.

We can provide a varying level of support to complement a client’s capability, from developing requirements and specifications and running procurement through to commissioning, or just supporting tender briefing days – whatever the client requires. Our approach is to empower the client’s staff so that they may manage the contract effectively over its life.

Intelligent mobility – a transport system harnessing emerging technology to provide tailored services to the travelling public, goods and services.

We see intelligent mobility as an inevitable development of how:
• People will want – and need – to move, and
• How goods and services will be moved to meet changing demands.

Please get in touch to allow us to discuss how we can help you meet these challenges and deliver your aspirations.