Transport and Infrastructure Advisory

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are playing an ever-increasing role in managing the movement of people, goods and providing services and technology selection.  The application and deployment of ITS can deliver significant cost and operational benefits. Though the talk is of systems, these need not necessarily be complex from the outset; an ITS strategy can help identify priorities and ensure that development is progressive, whilst legacy investments are protected. However, transport authorities face many challenges such as: the pace of innovation and disruptors; changing customer demands and trade patterns; environmental and social obligations; demographics and funding constraints.

Set in this ever-changing environment, which presents both opportunities and challenges, our services include:
• Economic analysis and risk management
• Business cases, optioneering and evaluations
• ITS and technology strategy and policy
• Institutional reform
• Regulatory review
• Stakeholder management and engagement

Additionally, we have specialists within our supply chain to advise on:
• Road Safety
• Operations
• Lighting
• IT (Cyber) Security