Project Management and Procurement Services

Tech App offers commercial and procurement services by managing the end to end process on behalf of the client or working alongside the client team to provide support as required. Our procurement approach seeks to ensure that: the client retains control of the contract overall; its objectives are met; risks are identified and allocated appropriately, and performance measurements provide for effective control of the services being delivered.
Our services include:
• Requirements analysis
• Procurement routes and options
• Cash flow forecasting and fare modelling
• Preparation of contract documentation
• Development of performance criteria
• Risk Management
• Support throughout the procurement process (including briefing days, tender queries and assessment)
• Implementation support
• Service optimisation
• Testing, commissioning and operational acceptance
• Operational evaluation
We can also provide a translation and checking service (supporting a range of languages) for proposals being submitting in English, where English is a foreign language, prior to submission to ensure readability.