Tech App is an independent consultancy established to help clients deliver their infrastructure and transport and related programmes. Across our focus areas, experience has been gained from supporting public and private sector clients worldwide.
We seek to enhance value, optimise and protect investment, protect against risks and develop strategies that deliver our clients’ wider aspirations.
We work as a multi-disciplinary team to deliver all the services required by our clients. Based in the United Kingdom, Tech App supports clients across the world. We utilise the latest technology to ensure secure and efficient delivery thereby allowing our staff to work effectively wherever they may be.
We are accustomed to working collaboratively, across time zones with our preferred delivery model being to work alongside our clients with a key objective being to ensure knowledge transfer, thereby ensuring that our clients develop their own capability.

Our key service areas are:

  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Urban Transport
  • Transport and Infrastructure Advisory
  • Project Management and Procurement Support